Saturday, October 11, 2008

The kindness of strangers

Thursday night I was subjected to a cruel prank, one I did not become awear of until Friday afternoon. I was the latest victim of the bin swipers. That in itself is not that big a deal. It was annoying, and pointless, but I knew where my bin had gone (the river) and they had at least been considerate enough to give me the lid, which they left on my letterbox. No, the bin I could deal with. They took it before bin day, so now all my rubbish is around the river banks, and my bin was wet and broken (and I really didn't want to go swimming to go get it). But that wasn't all they did. They put a syringe in my mail box. A used one, with the uncovered needle facing where I'd put my hand.

Now, I went to the cops, as you do, then the council, who violated their own rules to remove it for me. Then I went to warn my neighbours about syringes. All in all, it was a crappy afternoon. But then one of my neighbours did something very nice for me.

He went swimming and reclaimed my bin for me. He and his 2 friends, both in suits, went down to the river and grabbed the bin, while also taking down another bin to clean up some of the rubbish on the river bank.

While a stranger may have done this to me in the first place, a neighbour who knows nothing more than my name and a council which in reality didn't have to do anything for me fixed this crime. Just when you loose faith in humanity, people prove you wrong.


Anonymous Moochelle said...

Hey, that's actually a great story in the end. Nothing like a good deed out of the blue to bring a smile to your face.

10:49 am  

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