Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Channel 7

Channel 7, I know you've hated me for some time now. My first clue was on Today Tonight. You see, I am a 19 year old uni student with her p-plates. That's pretty much your number 1 target for every expose in the history of mankind. The only thing I could do to make me more of a target is to either work in retail or be a single mum on the dole. Whoops. I work in retail too, for a big corporation. My, I am the devil aren't I.

But my big gripe is not that I am often stereotyped worse than an Italian housewife on one of your many crap programs, but rather that you have once again screwed up the only two shows I watched on your entire station; the Stargate franchise of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Lets start first with your worst crime, how you have screwed up SG1 for me. I watched every season up until around season 7 on channel 7, which you consistently screwed up, starting and stopping often in the middle of the seasons. Like not playing it for 3 weeks in a row and bringing it back later without warning. But the most painful thing was when you changed the time it was on to the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT with NO advertising. This meant, as of course you did this halfway through a series, I missed the entire series. In fact, I then missed season 8. Then season 9. But wait, I did accidentally watch the very last episode of SG1, the end of I think series 10 simply because I was bored and turned on the tv in the middle of the night. Screaming in anger all the way, not knowing the 2 out of 5 characters (my actual words were along the lines of "Hey! That's the chick from Farscape! Hang on, that's the guy from Farscape! Is the whole f****n cast of Farscape on Stargate now???? WTF???") and then being told at the very end that I had successfully spoiled the entire franchise for myself, I was ropable.

But I decided to keep an eye on that spot, to see what you would do and you did not disappoint me this time. Stargate Atlantis graced my screen. At first I had been sceptical of Atlantis, but soon found myself loving it more than SG1 with the simply awesome characters and fresh new look. Every week I would stay up well beyond bed time, sometimes til 1.30am on technically Friday morning, even with uni or work the next day. It became my highlight of the week. Until this week.....

I rush home from a night at work to watch Atlantis, buying dinner for myself so I wouldn't be stuck in the kitchen getting dinner while the show was on, only to discover there was no Atlantis. My night is ruined, and before you say, DRAMA QUEEN, I cannot afford the DVD's and this is a big part of my week. I stay up late, study before it starts then turn everything off to watch it. I have become addicted and have learnt how not to sleep so I can watch it. To discover it is gone and has been replaced with Marshall Law, which quite frankly is not really that good, is annoying in the least. And to think, you have Celebrity Spelling Bee on at prime time, something I avoid like the plague as it is beyond useless to everyone on this planet and does not even entertain the lowest common denominator. If I wanted to see idiots singing I'd go to the pub and watch drunken singing, which is far more entertaining than your show.

Now I know you don't care, but hey, thanks for making life easier for me. I'll now sleep and wait til Christmas, when I'll be payed more then buy the DVD's, and then eliminate my need for channel 7 entirely. But hey, if theres no reason to watch channel 7 now anyway, why watch it? Buy channel 7. Hope your advertisers like it when all the devoted sci-fi fans rack off.


Blogger Danny said...

Yeah - stick it to the man! You can watch Stargate on the weekend, starring McGuyver, on my FoxTel if you want. Mind you the way free to air television treats people is why we got the FoxTel in the first place, if you remember rightly.

7:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would suggest that if you can afford to pick up dinner on the way home, you can afford the DVDs.

11:42 am  
Blogger blue_kat_88 said...

And I would suggest back to you my anonymous friend, that a $6 dinner once a month does not equal 4-5 seasons minimum of DVD's at $50 a piece. I am not a very financial person, so the whole getting take away was a major treat. The point of this was not, oh no! Now I must actually save my coins for DVD's instead of food but rather that there has been a systematic allienation of science fiction fans over the years, especially Stargate fans by the major commercial free-to-air networks in Australia. Channel 7, unfortunatly, have the rights to show or not show Stargate and have chosen to exercise their right not to show it, filling late night timeslots with extra long ads. The show which has a decent fan base and also has the gift of being appealing to new audiences, does not even warrent an advert to alert audiences to its existance. Instead of these "expensive" scripted shows, they show such crap as Celebrity Singing Bee, which is advertised endlessly during prime time. Or rather was when I still watched the channel. I cannot be bothered now to watch a channel which would treat any audience with such contempt. Please, learn to read and actually understand what is written and use a name and own your comments.

7:42 pm  

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