Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Tonight just proved to me why I shouldn't even attempt cooking food outside of my scope of fried egg products, packet pasta and spaghetti and this is why.

I felt like meat. This sometimes happens and as I thought of the meat I thought of the really nice potato bake the only sane person in our household makes. So I attempted to make this meal for myself. At first it was okay. There were no major fluff ups or spills until the dying minutes when I cooked the gravy.

The gravy exploded in the microwave. I followed the instructions and who knew that gravy explodes? Not me for damn sure. Half of the initial liquid suddenly replaced itself all over the internal components of the microwave, leaving me with one mess that I'm going to have to scrub off of the walls. The second mess came when I tried to serve the potato bake. It appears, in hindsight, that the potato bake could have stood to have been cooked for a leeetle longer than it was. Potato bake wasn't meant to be crunchy.

So, this foray into the kitchen has left me not only one big mess to clean but also my stomach is rebelling against the half cooked food. So now my evening is a 5 step distance from the loo.

This just enforces why I should never, ever, ever cook.


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