Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm not dead yet.

For all of those wondering, no I'm not dead, just lazy and busy. Stupid uni taking over my life. I have no social life, just a work life and a study life. This, of course, sucks.

It also puts me in a ranting mood.

To my drug addled friends who catch my bus: Sit on my lap again and die. I have had enough of idiots who think that I'm part of the seat. What does not help matters is that they are smoking something which is not tobacco. This wackie tobacco stinks. It also then transfers to my clothes. This is not good for entering prac rooms or work places with a 0 tolerance on drugs. I am also sleep deprived. Red eyes and funny smells equal me being upset.

Second, I don't care what planet you are from Mr Chem Lecturer. It does not take 6 lectures to explain the s and p subshells. I can do it competently in 3, tops. Also, it is kinda helpful if you talk about the material we actually use in our pracs. Moles are not subshells.

To the ag idiot I get tomorrow, my course is ANIMAL science. We split our ag class from the ag students LATER. THEY need to know about crops, NOT me. Talk about crops in 2 weeks time when we split!!!!!!!

Oh, and if we want the obesity epidemic to end, make health food cheaper. I can buy a meal for $5 or under, complete with drink, if I don't want to live beyond 20. If I want food that is good for me, well that costs $6 and upwards. Make good food cheap, and also introduce communal microwaves at universities. Then I can eat food from Woolies, which is cheap AND healthy, without killing my teeth on frozen peas.

The good thing about uni is that when I am bored and have time to spare I think or I draw. I am a bad drawer but I can do a sometimes okay stick figure. And my spare time (before my lectures start) has led to me remembering year 11. Year 11 was a year of boredom. When it was challenging, it was great. When it was impossible (chem) it was bad. When it was easy, you had better believe it, it was simpler than breathing and just as dull so it quickly became necessary to entertain onself and ones friends. This role came to me, the most bored yet the writer of the group. My love of the site FanFiction had me writing stories for friends so they could live out their fantasies with certain characters. But that wasn't enough.

Blondie, a good friend of mine, happened upon the purchase of a new dog. This in itself was unremarkable but rather what dog she purchased.

He is a Great Dane named Austin.

He was 3/4 of the size of one of our friends. He comes up to just above my waist when he's on all fours.

Problem. He thinks he's a lap dog and he likes to hug like a human. I can tell you from experience, that thing when he's on his hind legs is taller than me. He is also a coward.

But I digress. He became my muse, and The Adventures of Austin was born. My geekiness shone clear by making it similar (not the same. There are several differences) to Superman. He is called Super Austin, is larger than a house and helps his owner, Blondie to fight menaces, ranging from small yappy dogs to teachers that irritated people that week. And boy were there some great demises! But wait, I love to add depth to things without completing the original and that was how the ambitious plan of a super pet league was born, involving all of my friendship groups pets. This however was abandoned before completion when exams happened. It was never completed.

Now, in my spare time I draw a crappy spinoff involving my own little cretins (okay, they're mums dogs) called Bonnie and Billy. It is so much a ripoff of Batman and Robin it is not funny but it is very much the personalities of these pets. The idea for this spinoff is nothing new. It was devised back in the Super Austin league days but since then there has been minor changes.

First, ma split from devil boy. He kept the beloved Amber pup and we kept our dog Bonnie (I say we should have had both. We trained Amber, she's named after my friend and she acted like she was my dog. Who did she greet first when we walked through the door? Me.). Amber was going to be Robin, Bonnie Nightwing and Sox, my cat who had them all under control, Batman.

Sox passed this year. She was 14 and is sorely missed. To replace the hole left by both Sox and Amber Ma bought Billy. Billy, a young idiot, became Robin and Bonnie is more a Batman than any creature on the planet. She hates everything. And that became my spinoff. Crappily drawn with me in the background, a stick figure, who keeps hurting herself on gates and attacking evil chicken.

Why tell you this? Well this is my plan. To make up for the fact I have written no stories, I will dig up Austin's Adventures and subject you to my crappy pictures. I will then eventually scan my Bonnie and Billy work for you all to say, "My gosh, this is really quite bad drawing. A pin could draw better," and we will all laugh.

Must flee. The brain has melted. Toodles.


Blogger Danny said...

Bonnie as Batman? That's like calling Merlin Einstein!!!

12:28 pm  
Blogger blue_kat_88 said...

It is not! And don't be mean to Bonnie. She's growly like Batman, just not smart.

11:21 am  

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