Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have an idea....

I have an idea and I need to research. If anyone who reads this (if anyone does) is from America, could they tell me if they have ever tried these three foods? They are Lamingtons, Pavalova and Frog Cakes. I am pretty sure that no one outside of SA has tried a frog cake but still, tell me if they are popular or what. I want to know so that one of the characters doesn't become a total tool.
p.s. Has anyone had any cherries this season? I just have and they are THE BEST EVER!!!!! They have never tasted this good before. Please try them. They are well worth the mula.


Anonymous Rhys said...

Hrmm, I may be qualified, I lived in the US for 9 years even though I've been back in Oz for over 20. I think the Pavlova is known, but not so popular there as it is here (I am back in Australia). Lamington's are definately an Aussie thing, like fairy bread and pie floaters.

Can't tell you much about frog cakes, but can't recall ever seeing them anywhere outside of SA.

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