Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A new year

New years. It is highly overrated in my books but it is a time for change, a time for broken resolutions and ultimately, the time when enrollment opens for a new year of uni. This year has already promised to be a big one from the moment of its conception.

I have just completed the highly frustrating and confusing task of enrolling online. It is the only way one can enrol anymore and it is so confusing a person can suffer brain damage trying to work it out. The email we all received from our course coordinator didn't exactly help as she worded it in such a way that I'm now worried that I may have just accidentally enrolled into a maths degree. But the enrollment sheet says I did it correctly so I'll just have to work out when I have to go back.

Speaking of puppy dogs, the year doesn't promise to be wholly crap as I may be soon caring for a certain retired work dog called Peanut. A loving, sweet 13yr old pup, he is as loyal as he is insane, a prefect mix for me. But how can I have a dog when my father's blog so clearly describes cats, you may say.

Simple. I'm taking the plunge. I'm moving out. It proves to be an interesting experience and before I get yet another lecture about how tough it will be, yes, I am awear there may be some weeks there where I'm eating crusts because I don't have enough cash. I'm looking towards the positives of moving out, not those negatives.

I now have my P's. Beware all other motorists!!!!! Just kidding. I'm yet to have an accident and I drive more like a granny than a hoon, so really I should be quite safe.

My congrats go to Blondie who has been offered a place in Medicine at Uni. Imagine, back in those slow chem classes where poor Heathy thought we'd end up. Certainly not in Animal Science and in Medicine, like we have.

And that is it for the new year. I hope all of you have a year half as interesting as mine appears to be.

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