Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blondie saga 10000

After a while I get tired of my friends either a) believing they know everything about me or b) feeling that they are indestructible, which leads to me having the most incredible urge to mess with their reality. One such person who I mess with is the long suffering Blondie. I met Blondie in year 9, which was some time ago now, and now and again she quite stupidly forgets that I like to mess around with people's brains. I am also pretty sure that she thinks I can do nothing which would surprise her.


She's just asking for it.

This year she has returned to year 12 to improve her TER score (she was probably sitting on a 70 last year. This year it's probably more of a 85-90) while I went to uni. It means that she now has new friends who have no idea what she was like last year. Then I discovered msn.


Blondie introduced me recently to one of her new friends. I learned how to add his name to my list of contacts and then he was on the net when she wasn't. I said nothing evil but I had an overwhelming urge to mess with her, just to remind her who she's friends with. I will quote right now the topics of that msn discussion: Chemistry, Heathy, my sleeping through year 12 chemistry and one story of another friend's funny year 11 chem story. This is the sms aftermath with Blondie. Blondie's friend will be referred to as BF.

*The sms's have been edited to preserve some sense of dignity from both parties. Lol in public is me laughing in public and people staring me.*

Me: I was bored last night and BF was on msn. Mwahahaha.
Blondie: Oh... U added him? Oh dear! What were u saying?!? I will kill u! Lol!
Me: U c, I've missed this. I like making u paranoid. Yes, I added him. Lol in public.
Blondie: What did u say 2 him? Hell tell me anyway! :-P i don't care 2 much what u said... Every1 seems 2 know! And I haven't told ppl!
Me: Every time my phone beeps I grin cause it could b u asking about what i told BF.
Blondie: Kittyman!! Tell me what u said! Please! I promise i wont kill u! Promise! Please tell me!! Hes not around here 4 me 2 ask! ;(
Blondie: Lol! I wanna know! But ill just ask him tonight... Ur evil!!!!!!
Me: I just told BF how i slept thru yr 12 chem and a kallie chem story.
Blondie: Ok then... Thats ok... But im still asking him anyway! I'm not entirely sure if I believe u! :-P
Me: Rofl!
Blondie: U are the evilest kittyman ever!!!! But hell tell me everything! Lol! He loves me more! So i can blackmail him! Lol!

I love making people paranoid. It takes very little time to do and it's so much fun.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Blondie!
Kittyman is EVIL!!! Very very EVIl!!!! One day it will all come back to get her, one day were all gonna get her back!!! and then she will be sorry!!! he he he...
(probly not rly..)

4:30 pm  

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