Monday, April 21, 2008

Rain and Anzac Day

Maybe its the lack of oxygen to my brain by my stuffy work shirts, maybe its the rupture of blood cells in my brain from screaming too much but when I heard the Anzac Day weather forecast I began contemplating the many theories behind such an occurrence of rain on a public holiday. I decided there were 3 main theories which I share with you now.

One, the most boring, was that the pressures are moving in such a way that rain will occur. This, I dismissed however, as a boring idea, not worthy of much thought. In retrospect, I may in fact be nuts to dismiss this theory but still.

The next theory is far more profound. This theory involves the idea that those who die can watch over the living and that our dead ANZACS are watching over us and it also incorporates the other radical idea that the old ANZACS actually care about the living. As we are in a period of drought, rain is always much needed, the more the better. This would mean that the ANZACS who watch over us at God's right hand can see the suffering and have decided that on this day in which we honour their sacrifices that they would give us a gift, rain.

The last theory, and this is the one i put the most weight in, is that my mother is going camping that weekend and that by the divine rule of camping, it must rain. To which I laugh, as I'm not going camping in the rain this weekend.


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