Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mmmmmmmm, procrastination.... Also, some more embroidery

While my brain tries to wrap itself around my latest homework assignment (readings, readings and more bloody readings) without snapping into a cranky old bat tirade about how people annoy me and why can't there simply be less people (social justice papers do that to you), I'm going to procrastinate, which basically means I'm going to write about my cross stitch again. Yay!!!

So this is the second of the embroidery bags, the ones I bled for. I do prefer the design on this one to the other, and it does appear to be more versatile for future designs, but once again it was painful and annoying, so I don't think I will be buying anymore pre-sewn bag kits like these in the future.

This is a kit that I picked up for a whopping $2. Who says cross stitch can't be cheap, sometimes. This giraffe kit did stinge out on threads though, making it very annoying when I realized I had finished the last of the green thread but not the last of the green sections. Thankfully I had some green thread left over from another kit and was able to use that as grass, meaning I finished the kit, and it ended up looking more interesting with the two green tones as opposed to one. This was quickly snapped up by my Grandma, who loved it on first sight and I have to say he's a cute little giraffe. Well worth the $2.

This is the other $2 kit and is entirely cute. Quickly snapped up by Mum, all I can really say about it is its quite nice, an easy kit to stitch and a pattern well worth the $2. There really are some quality kits out there cheap. There are some very very nasty ones too, but still, some good ones.

I guess this is the first design I've put up here which actually came from my now millions of magazines I have about cross stitching. Proving I am a total nutter, I started buying (last year) Cross Stitch Crazy, closely followed by The World of Cross Stitch religiously and doing designs from them. I have a million on the go, and they keep giving out free kits with the mags, which make me even more time poor. This one, proving I am out of order in my photos, is one I did for my Nana for Christmas last year. He was then slapped into a home made aperture card (because stupid Spotlight wasn't selling them at the stupid time and the stupid thing still didn't last visit. Annoying, and yet, I love them.) and sent off. She said she loved him, so that's always a good start. He took a bit of time and used a new technique for the stars, which I taught myself from the pattern. The mags are pretty ok at showing you how to do new techniques but their demos on french knots still frustrate me. He also used variegated threads, which was a brand new concept for me for the background. It took a few seconds to get used to them and how to use them in the best manner, but once I worked that out, I kinda developed a like for those styles of thread. It also introduced me to a new section of the thread stand at the craft shop. Mwahahahahaaaaa.

This would have been the first free kit I got with the first issue of Cross Stitch Crazy I got. It was a cute design and great fun to stitch, and really did set a high bar for the kits they give out with those mags. I have since been getting Cross Stitch Card Shop as well, and all the free kits are absolutely the highest quality and awesome fun. This ended up being given to Mum as her birthday card last year, after I decorated the card it came with to make it less boring. I liked that it had a bow in the middle and it showed me that you can have more additions to cross stitch designs than simply beads.

That's all for now, even though I have a crapton more on the go and completed. I have procrastinated long enough and now it is back to the world of anger and pissed off at stupid people (never assume that an academic is not a moron. Academics are sometimes the biggest tools to ever walk the planet) and try to interpret the vast areas of social justice that exist (sarcastic joy). Til next time.

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Blogger Daniel Best said...

I like the giraffe. And I hear you about the social justice stuff - I was doing reports today on stuff and thinking how better the world could be if some people were not allowed to breed...but, hey!

6:44 pm  

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