Thursday, July 29, 2010

Follow up

We got our grades and I passed with flying colours!!! We got them on the same day as my last post, and it was concluded that the only reason we got them was simply because of the threats which had been levelled, and our suplementary exams being cancelled. They don't like it when they are told off, and when they can't screw over students.

But that's it. Never have to deal with that crappy University ever again. I've graduated their course with no job prospects and no future. Amazing that. Now I have to get another degree just to get employed.....

Stupid lying University.

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Anonymous Lyndal said...

Take a Colour photocopy and burn that instead. I agree that you need some ceremony, some cleansing event, but don't go burning yourself! :-)

There is still time to find the parts of you that you feel you have lost forever. Dig deep, they are still there. :-)

I'm proud of you


8:58 pm  

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