Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sweet mercy

I got news which I just had to share. Before I completed high school last year I applied for Uni. It is a slow, annoying wait between every little tidbit of information which informs you of your success or failure. You have to wait seemingly forever to just hear your year 12 score! Well, I found out my score and then looked at it analytically. I got 60.25. This is no great score and made me wonder. At the start of year 12 I worked out my grades and discovered that there was no possibility to get my dream job as a vet. I ruled it out. El finito. The scores you needed to get to get into uni was just too high. It could be as high as 98.9 or as low as 96. You may have noticed my score, a good 30 plus below this score. So it was ruled out.

My next choice involved kidlets. I decided to be a primary school teacher. Those grades were far more accomplishable and I felt I could be happy in that sort of job. Those scores are as low as 70 or 65. With the demand changes for the course being so weird I felt I could make it. Last night at 6 we could log on and find out.

I didn't make it. No teaching for me.

Because you have a choice of six preferences and there were only 4 teaching ones I could stand, I put in two "dummy" choices. These were courses I knew I could not get (their scores are around the high 70's low 80's) but I wanted to fill up the space. I can do those courses but I knew I wouldn't be, if that makes any sense. They are highly popular courses.

Journalism was high. So was the popular Animal Science. Last year Animal Science was 74.75, far higher than any of the other agricultural sciences. I got into Animal Science.


Yes, Animal Science. That kind of thing does not happen. People like me with average grades DO NOT get into Animal Science. I sat looking at the computer for 5 minutes saying "WHAT???" quite loudly with some disbelief. I didn't get into teaching. I got into Animal Science. The family all applauded and were happy but didn't quite grasp the weirdness of it. My friend Blondie did. I told her "I got Animal Science" and she said quite loudly "WHAT???". It is simply not done. She was blubbering about how the thing is normally in the mid 80's or the high 70's and how had it worked that me in my 60's got Animal Science.

To this very second, I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED!!!!!!

It simply does not make sense. I am still in deep shock and now my day is very changed.
Amazing how the world works, isn't it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Class before ass.

This is not what you would have been expecting. The wonderful story I was going to post on here has been hindered by writers block, the only known cure for migranes and writers cramp. It shall be written soon, trust me on this. Inspiration must strike me down like a bad flu first.

This post, however is going to be a rant and a weird one at that. If you have read my fathers blog you'll see how bad we can get.

Mini skirts. These inventions for the peverse mind can be done quite classily. The classy skirts cover ones rear and fall to about mid thigh, like the one I saw today. Mid thigh is good. Mid thigh is great. Mid thigh allows you to have that beach look and feel quite cool all the while not showing off your undies. I'm not a great fan of the mini style myself as I will freely admit due to an uneven tan, hockey muscles and weird vein patterns I cannot wear such beasts. When worn properly they can look good. When worn badly however...

I am referring to those skirts which actually started out in life as belts. The ones which are so very popular and yet show off so much of your arse it isn't funny. These are the type that are currently pounding pavement down the street and in the city. Prostitutes wear more. They can indirectly label someone as a skank or worse because they are so revealing. I am female. Please, please don't show me your bits. I have not asked for proof that you too are a girl so keep it in your pants and maybe wear something more than a g-string under that belt with a gland problem.

Remember my friends, class before ass. If the only reason that your man is with you is because you wear skankier clothing than a striper then that's not right. Wear some more clothes, cover your buttocks and see how much more seriously you are taken.

Also, remember your size. I don't wear minis for another reason; I'm a size 10. This is not mini size. Sizes 8 and 9 are mini size. Minis are a big no for anyone over size 16. You know who you are.

I will try to post a story soon.